Exodus Cheese from Tegridy Farms Cannabis

Visual: There was lots of crystal coverage on the buds making them very frosty looking. There were lots of different colours, some light greens, some dark greens, and some purples too. The buds were very dense and compact.

Nose: I got a sweet earthiness and a bit of pine and when I cut it up I got some of the cherry smell from the Cherry Kush cross.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was very easy to bust up and it seemed to pull it apart a bit. It was a little bit harder to cut up because of how compact and dense it was.

Taste: I got quite a bit of the cherry flavour and also the sweet earthiness but not much of the pine.

Burn: It burnt very well.

Potency/Effects: This forum cookies was a bit of a creeper! It ended up being very potent for me. It was a bit energetic and uplifting at first and then after a bit it started to weigh down my body and eventually my mind as well. It took me away on a thoughtful journey. Good to zone out with!

Overall score – 9.5/10