Great packaging with a thick heat sealed mylar, and a simple, clean and straightforward design. The peach candies looked pristine with a lightly sugared exterior and deliciously sweet-smelling peaches as you’d hope to expect. The candies appeared nearly identical to the 5 cent candies I ate growing up which made the whole experience more nostalgic. There was a minor distillate aftertaste, but this didn’t take away from how tasty these were.

It’s been a bit since I’ve had edibles, so I ate 4 candies (~120mg) which had me feeling supremely relaxed; with some obvious couch-locking effects. I had taken these around 5 PM and by 9 I was out; having one of the better sleeps I’ve had in recent weeks. Great tasty flavors, strong effects and minor aftertaste make this a solid edible choice in my books.