Once again arriving in the same great packaging as the peach option. The cherries once again gave me all the nostalgia, since I was a fiend for candy as kid and cherry blasters were always one of my go to options. The product did arrive a bit sticker and stuck together then the peaches but they were still easily separated from one another. The tart cherry flavors came through well with a hint of mild cannabis taste and aftertaste. If you weren’t aware of the fact, they were medicinal, it could be easily overlooked or not noticed.

This time around I had tried eating 6 candies or (~180mg) which had me floored within 1.5 hours. I quickly became more sloth-like as all the muscles in my body relaxed and refused to do any meaningful activity afterwards. This also came with some significant sedative effects which had my eyes heavy and the temptation of adopting a horizontal position nearly impossible to resist.