Emperor’s Cookie Dough from PVRE

Cross: Emperor OG and Girl Scout Cookies

Nose: The nose had a sweet and spicy smell to it. I got lots of a baking spice smell and hints of gas and pine. It was very pungent.

Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was good, and it had some stickiness to it.

Taste: It had huge flavour! There was lots of that pine and the sweet and spicy cookie taste. It filled my mouth up with the flavour and it didn’t die down.

Burn: The burn was great. it gave lots of smoke. The ash was a bit salt and peppery, but it was a good burn overall.

Potency/Effects: I got a good hit in my nose and the potency level was high for me. It messed up my brain but with a bit of energy to it as well. I got a heavy buzz in my body and my brain, and it continued to build up throughout the joint.