Strain – El Jefe (Rare Darkness #1 × Abusive OG)

Vistual/Texture – the buds were mostly smaller sized, with a decent density, very fresh with a greasy exterior, and a great freshness held throughout, only to fluff up once busted. Dark forest shade being cast over the majority of the bud, with some medium mossy green tones. Short lighter brownish orange colored pistils appearing throughout, and a fine dusted layer of trichomes smeared over the nugs

Scent – a very robust aroma comes wafting from the buds immediatly, before bustng them up. Sporting a deep danky earthy fragrance, almost giving a hash scent, with undertones of sweet lemon, and a faint sour citeus, piney odor

Smoke – one of the first things I noted when puffing on this stuff, is how quickly the resinous oil ring emerged, while showing an ash grey in color with pepper flakes. That robust earthiness really carrying through on the inhales, with a bit of sweet zesty lemon, pine flavoring added on. Exhaling has the musky earthiness dominating most of the flavor, while tasting sweet and leaving a hash tasting reminence lingering on the palate

High – El Jefe is a hybrid (70/30) being headed by its indica producing effects. More of a later day or evening time smoke, that hits quite good and leaves you feeling decently stoned, motivation significantly decreased post blaze. Providing an uplifted head high boasting some heavy euphoria, while captivating your mood with complete elevation. The stone eventually turning toward your body, and sending feelings of relaxation all down it leaving you with an ache free body high