This boss of strain checks all the marks. Has a beautiful appearance of darker green color and purple hues, with a glistening heavy coating of milky trichomes. Shes trimmed to near perfection and cured impeccably. The buds came in on the small to large size, also boasting a compact dense structure. The aroma is of a loud gassy and skunkyness, with undernotes of earth.


Upon smoking I was greeted with a gassy herbal taste, with hints of skunk and earth. The smoke was superbly smooth with a slight tickle. When smoked in a joint there was a oil ringer right away. It burned perfect, being slow countinious and even. The ash was fairly white.


I found this to be a high potency indica dominate hybrid. Immediately after smoking I had cerebral effects and numble feeling going on. I was at ease with everything and was in a blissful state of mind. This took my muscles aches away and had me feeling somewhat refreshed. I was pretty sedated and super relaxed.