Strain – Dutch Treat (Northern Lights x Haze)

Visual/Texture – rounded oval nug with a clean cut trim, emerald green shaded with some olive colored undertones, thin pistils with the rusted copper coloring exposing themselves throughout, and fitted in a suit of amber trichomes. Buds with some squeeze, fairly dense, and sticky once hitting the grinder

Scent – never tried the Dutch Treat before, it comes from a lineage of well known descendants on both parent sides. Terpenes of sweet piney skunkiness, tied together nicely with an earthy, fruity scented aroma

Smoke – coming forward on the inhale is a sweet skunky pine flavor, and the taste exhaling transitions over to a woody herbal with a very subtle sweet linger continuing after. Smooth to the finish, consistent burn with a light grey ash with some peppering, and a slight resin ring perfectly paired along side

High – bringing an indica dominance to the table (80/20) the Dutch Treat will provide you with that needed euphoria lift, while elevating your mood, and also relaxes your body at the same time, but doesn’t render you totally useless. Good head high to leave you dazed, relieving any soreness being experienced, and definitely appetite inducing. This can be turned to for a daytime session while still being functional and feeling good in the process