The terpene profile on this cart is extremely unique and nothing short of amazing. The homie truly did some outstanding work. I find this strain hits a lot stronger at a medium voltage around 3.2V rather than a low 2.4-2.6V, although you will lose a bit of the flavour. There are no clogging issues at all and no sugaring either. The viscosity is also extremely low (almost like distillate), as you can see in the video. The flavour is an incredible sweet citrus pine that almost reminds me of laundry detergent but in a good way. There’s also some slight creamy and herbal notes which come through on longer puffs. Each time I get a taste of this cart it’s a pleasant experience that keeps me coming back.The flavour is just too good. The smoke is also very smooth, never leaving me coughing except maybe on my first few puffs of the day. The high is equally as amazing with a very euphoric effect which is absolutely perfect for running errands or doing chores around the house. This is mostly a head high but its only a little racy. There’s still a strong sense of mental relaxation and clarity with a very light body load. However, smoking this stuff in large amounts will result in a much more lazy/relaxing and unproductive high with a stronger body load and an almost head spinning effect. I love this stuff not only because it literally checks every box on the list and knocks them out of the park, but it’s also a versatile high! It can be enjoyed at literally anytime of the day depending on how much of it you toke. From the flavour to the smoke to the high this cart is absolutely outstanding. Extremely happy and would certainly recommend. 💯👊