One big ol bud made up the eighth. Light and rich greens with light orange to peach pistils. Bud structure was stocky and fat for a purely sativa strain and had a decent moisture level with the bud bouncing back to pressure, maybe a bit fresh though. A closer look revealed mainly clear with a smaller portion of milky heads present. I’ve only had the strain once before from a friend growing nearby me, but it had the same intoxicating smells. Intensely sweet and slightly sour alongside some scents resembling green apples. The smells were through the charts though and was the most promising feature of the bud.

The smoke provided some nice woody notes alongside dominantly earthy flavors and was relatively smooth with a bit of sharpness to the smoke. Burned well but ended with a bit of a darker grey ash; didn’t have to relight though. Effects were what you’d expect for a100% sativa; nicely energizing cerebral effects that didn’t have any sort of burnout to follow even after a couple repeated sessions. A very terpy strain that works well for any type of daytime activity that requires focus or energy.