Durban Lemon Poison(Or, DLP for short) is probably one of, if not my favourite strains that I have gotten from Sauce House.

Upon opening the jar, an intense, tart lemon aroma jumps out at you. Stirring the sauce around and smelling gives me a slight herbal aroma as well, but nothing specific.

Texture of this sauce is fairly thick, with small clusters of crystals that easily break apart. Removing the last little bit off the tool gave me some problems, but that’s FSE for you.


Dabbing this sauce is exactly what you’d expect, given its nose. Lemon on the inhale, and lemon on the exhale. More importantly, this intense lemon flavour isn’t enough to make the dab harsh! Effects are VERY cerebral, which makes sense, given the heritage of Durban Poison. However, I’m not sure on the ‘lemon’ part of the parentage. Not many noticed body effects – a mild body relaxation, at best.

This is probably a very excellent daytime or afternoon use sauce – probably not the best for bed time. Personally, however, I’d use this any time of day as I am partial to the effects, as well as the flavour.