Huge shoutout to the homie Tokey for blessing us with 5 different phenos of this killer strain to test out. Based mostly on smoke, terps, and potency, we decided that #5 and #4 were keeper phenos. While they were all very nice smokes, #14 lacked potency, #11 lacked some terps, and as we were warned #8 was not fully cured so the smoke was a little off. #8 also had a very nice sweet herbal terp profile but in our eyes it didn’t quite match up overall to the two winners. #5 (the first 4 pictures) is some visually outstanding flower even though the nugs were on the smaller side. There’s a gorgeous mix of deep purples and vibrant greens hidden beneath a very dense trichome coat. The terps on this one weren’t quite as nice as we wished for, being a bit of a muted sweet and doughy/woody profile that didn’t fully translate into smoke. While the terps didn’t fill your mouth with a strong flavour, the smoke was still very enjoyable with a rich and smooth exhale. The potency on this pheno is what really stood out. There’s an intense relaxing cerebral rush and a dreamy effect with euphoric and energetic waves. At the same time it isn’t racy at all.
#4 (last 4 pictures) is not as visually stunning as #5 but it is still extremely caked with tons of intact trichome heads. Big chunky nugs with a bright green colour palette mixed with a few extremely dark almost black purples. This one also had the winning terp profile, with a very complex tropical fruit juice flavour mixed with nutty and doughy tones. This was definitely the most enjoyable smoke with an amazing terp profile and a perfectly smooth draw. The high wasn’t as hard hitting but it definitely still comes on with a strong and relaxing effect along with a bit of mental stimulation which keeps you from passing out. Both phenos burn extremely clean with super white ash. It’s really hard to pick between the two but we think in terms of overall smoking experience #4 was the best and #5 was second.
We had a great time being part of this pheno hunt especially since it was such high quality flower. Each pheno was a pleasure and can’t wait to see it dialed in!💯