Dragons Breath rated as AAA Hybrid said to be 50/50 unknown exact % due to skunk pheno.
A cross of Northern Light x Jack Herer and an unknown skunk pheno.

Medium to small nugs all dense and tight. A bright lime green long orange pistils. The exterior had been brushed of against the bag a bit more stalks then head. But once busted open it was insanely frosty and sticky. Felt really fresh the stem didn’t snap with light pressure needed to use 2 hands.

Smell was crazy pungent a kick in the face when you unseal the vac bag. Skunky fruity mostly citrusy with a sweet earthy side. Burned really nice and steady left a grayish and fluffy ash.

This one made me feel energetic ready for daily task. Great for hanging arround the house a euphorising and uplifting high that last quit long without any downer. Perfect day time strain. Itchy eyes beware. This was so easy to take pics of, just snap one nug and first shot was a big glass of milk !