Tegridy Farms/`TF Cannabis

Dr Pepper Flower(AAAA)

First Glance: One large dense nug, very clearly coated in crystal and purple/orange hairs visible through bag. Looks quite nice. The trim on this one was really well done.

Smell: Actually smells sort of like cola, or sweet in an artifical(not added) way. You’ve got this berry/cherry undertone that you can’t escape, really nice. It’s pleasant I’d say!

Appearance: Dense, thick nug coated in crystal. about 2 inches in length and an inch thick. Plenty of purple and orange hairs, another strain from these guys that just glistened under the light.

Taste: The tokes were smooth on the inhale, but slightly harsh on the exhale. More than likely due to my dirty bong at the moment(hehe).

Burn: Burned slightly peppery, not white, not black, but a nice peppered grey.

High: Very relaxing, not tiring, wife said she felt it rather heady at the same time, sign of a good hybrid. 🙂
Update : 45 minutes later Wife is talking about how the high crept up on her and now she’s BAKED.

I’d rather this a solid 3.9 to 4.1 out of 5. It had a slight harshness which detracted from its score, but overall it’s above average due to it’s cleaner burn and excellent potency.