Strain – Dr. Claw Bubba Kush

Vistual/Texture – made up by smaller to medium sized buds. Freshly compact together, with a greasy, sponge like texture, sticky resin covering both interior, and exterior. Olive, and emerald green shared coloring on the nugs, with vibrant purple hues blending through the seizure. Appearing like its being engulfed in flames, with the abundance of thick bright fire orange pistils sticking out every direction, and coated by a thick layer of glistening trichomes

Scent – coming out like an aroma amplified Classic Bubba Kush, loudness right out the  gate. Carrying a scent that has a strong gassy presence, sweet skunk, and a coffee like fragrance, with a pungent earthiness involved

Smoke – smooth burning with a light greyish ash, and an oil ring existing after a handful of puffs. The smell translating quite well, inhaling hoots of deep gas, sweet skunk, with a coffee earthy mixture. Exhales of robust earthiness, with a resurfacing skunky gas left lingering behind

High – the high starts off with a heavy head, and a floating mind, uplifted cerebral thoughts, and providing an enhanced euphoria. Completely swaying your mood to a positive direction, you will still retain enough motivation for the first half of the high to keep functional. The heaviness behind the stone, eventually taking its toll while sending your body into a more relaxing state, and trigger up an appetite. More for a later day or evening time roll up