Well, last year the 1.0 version of this West coast champion among pinks took my top spot for favorite flower of the year, in anticipation social media was set ablaze with the upcoming Doughboy 2.0 tags, etc and I was ready for this day to arrive this year. Just happy it came so early!


Again, Gary continues to push this strain pheno in more extreme ways to get us gasheads a real treat, cured to perfection and almost glistening within the bag my excitement levels once the buds arrived were unmatched, however with great hype…..comes great responsibility. This flower had a point to prove , and once again the saga continues with this great product.


Already spoke about the visuals, and those who have been not asleep while browsing the instagrams of the world etc, should already have caught a plethora of photos of this flower. Not an absolute showstopper visually aside from the glistening trichromes, the deep green hues, and the nicely dense but not compacted to heck bud structure.


Smell is not as dramatic gas as you maybe would think, but that will come in taste…. the smell covers more of the sweeter parts that you would smell on a pink kush, with the slight gassy notes behind it.


Taste though, let me tell you ! Gas to the tastebox IMMEDIATELY upon taking a bowl but just as fast as it comes, the gas dissipates into that same sweetness that you would smell, leaving a very wonderful aftertaste and making the draw, while strong…. not harsh. Beautiful burn of course due to the great cure. You can find a good hookup for this flower, they are around where you aren’t killing yourself to cop a order. I would highly highly recommend.