Beautiful herb at first sight!
Sticky,chunky,dank,tight colorful all throughout! Bleeding Dark and light purple and dark and lime green bud with patches of dark orange hairs and caked in crystals and huge gleaming trichomes.Smell is very nice! Strong pungent sweet gas that translates into in your face grape fills the room when grinded. Taste is very similar to smell im getting strong spicy gas with sweet sour in the background that lingers on your palate. This herb is very potent! Burn was slightly harsh but resinous and slow burning with salt and pepper ash. High is full body relaxation,euphoric and very heavy eyed cerebral and almost instantaneous! Im feeling very sedated and relaxed this is definitely couch locking herb. Great herb overall Very potent and has me pretty couch locked but lacking a little in flavor throughout. Id recommend this herb for night-time smoking or using as a sleep aid!