Strain – Double Death Plasma

Visual/Texture – some gorgeous looking bud where you find yourself searching for signs of green amongst this nearly completely violet, and purple shaded, with little olive hues. Shrouded by a crisp spongy exterior, and nice and sticky to the touch both inside and out. Being overthrown in bright lengthy fire orange pistils, and shielded in a wall of snow white trichomes

Scent – definitely still carrying alot of similar smell profiles reminiscent of death bubba mashed up with some sweet terpenes included. Emitting a sweet gassy diesel, nutty, herbal fragrance, with hints of an earthy citrus existing amongst all the fuel reeking off these buds

Smoke – coming on fairly smooth smoking surprisingly, I was expecting it to be a little harsh. Clean, consistent burn having a lighter grey ash with some pepper action, and a grease trail behind the cherry for the entire ride. A sweet diesel, herbal skunkiness, with nutty notes on the the intake, then moving to an earthy citrus blended exhale

High – what feels more heavy in the indica department this (70/30) hybrid comes quite heavy on the gas pedal, the high starts in the back of the head melding it’s way forward leaving your head clouded, and moving into a happy euphoria. Skirting any plans post sesh, this potent head¬† high will have you leaving all thoughts behind, motivation included and leaves your body in a relaxed state of peaceful tranquility. The DDP is better left for later day or getting blitzed at night