Strain – Double Death OG (SFV OG x Big Bud Afgoo)

Mom – Tegridy Farms

Smell – the smell is quite reminiscent of a sweet death bubba, sour smelling, with hints of sweet lemon existing amongst all the gas  coming off these buds

Smoke – fairly smooth smoking stuff surprisingly, I was expecting it to be a bit harsher hitting. Clean smoke, salt and pepper ash  more on the lighter side, oil ring oozing behind the cherry for the entire burn. Sweet tasting inhale with a smooth citrus diesel tasting exhale

High – this stuff is more of a later day or evening time strain. Came in fairly heavy, forget any sort of errands you’ve got on the go. Good heady high that left all thoughts behind. Best to be consumer on a clear schedule

Quality: Compact buds with lighter shades of green through the majority with darker green and orange pistils. Good stuff with quite the name behind it, smooth with good potency and plenty of triches