This flower is absolutely stunning. It looks like it’s been dipped in snow. The colours are also gorgeous with deep vibrant purples and light greens hidden behind the insane coat of trichomes. The nose is sweet and creamy, reminding me of peach yogurt with a bit of an herbal and citrus undertone. There’s also an odd but very pleasant dank and minty scent mixed in. This aroma comes out much stronger once busted up. This translates perfectly into a complex flavour with a sweet/fruity and creamy main profile along with citrus, dank, herbal, and minty hints. The smoke is extremely enjoyable and smooth with pure white (and light grey) ash. This strain is definitely a creeper with a matrix type effect that hits you long after you start to toke. Time seems to slow down which almost gives an enhanced sense of focus paired with some pretty strong euphoria. Overall this stuff is a pleasure to smoke and it always leaves me wanting more. It may not be quite the hard hitter that many people love but I still couldn’t recommend this enough. 💯👌