Strain – Dosi Killer (Dos-Si-Dos x NBK x Sunset Sherbert) Jungle Boys cut by Enigma Extracts

Smell – digging the enigma strains lately and in find them having some pretty unique noses, this one was no different. This stuff has a diesel mixed with a woody, earth & nutty scent combined all in one

Smoke – from smell to smoke there is only a slight difference in taste, having a wood nut intake and the exhale moving towards a earthy diesel flavoring. Smooth to the inhale, with clean white ash, and a slight oil ring

High – it is a good choice for both day or evening sessions. Being an indica dominant hybrid, not only does it relax you but it’s a nice head high that will leave you fairly spaced out but still functional. Make plans of just taking it easy for the most part once you’ve cashed out

Quality: Rock hard smaller nuggets made up the majority of the half, fairly dry yet crispy little buds. Very nice green coloring throughout the buds, from a lighter shaded green to a more forrest with some purple undertones coming through. The pistils are of a bright orange coloration and a solid sheet of trichomes spread all over these beauties