Dosi- Berry not rated but id give it AAAA haha
A cross of dosidos x Marion Berry gifted by a friend.

Big chunky nugs with heads busting all over the sugar leafs. This was insanely appealing. The structure was beautiful each buds with a bit of a spike look without being a litteral fox tail. Bright green to deep purple on the leafs with a heavy blanked of trichomes. I knew there was a couple seeds but only found one on this huge top nug. Super sticky and a lot of shinny heads/ milky and a couple amber. As expected with something so fresh litteraly left my hands glued together just snapping it multiple times to take pics.

The smell is a bit fruity berry like at first but you get some strong OG notes once busted open or grinded. Also get the muskyness and sweet fruity taste. A bit of berry on the exhale that lingers on the tongue for a good 15 minutes. Its a sharp almost harsh smoke but its doesnt feel like it comes from some peppery spicy notes i think its the insane muskyness. Overall it was skunky and berry like.  The burn was perfect smooth and each bowl left a white fluffy ash and a greasy ring on joints after  couple drags.

The effects are really interesting it starts with an intense heady rush where i felt uplifted and creative but 20 minutes in it switched. Became super relaxed and hazy still aware. Went on for a while, I was relaxed but still felt kind of uplifted all along and wouldn’t say couch locked yet but it came after a couple bowls.