Stunning looking buds that were medium in sized, nicely cured and felt sticky and dense to the touch. The visuals are nothing but eye-catching with small amounts of deep purple sugarleaves providing a stark contrast to the mossy green backgrounds and frosty/caked exterior. The trichome structure was also beautiful with fat globular milky and clear trich heads packed oh so tight together. The smells were interesting with an overly funky aroma with scents reminiscent of its GMO heritage that were almost offensive. These scents changed drastically as you broke down the buds, which seemed to release clean lime, pine and gassy aromas

Smoke was uber smooth on the lungs but was intensely potent on the lungs making it feel as if they were being pulled out along with the smoke I was exhaling. Burned a nice and greasy in a joint with a salt and pepper ash; and was really satisfying in a bong. The smoke was incredibly expansive delivering an intense, clean gassy flavor with some mild spiciness on exhale. Effects were definitely intended as a evening strain as a I was hit with strong euphoria and relaxation alongside some hazey cerebral effects. The physical effects continued to escalate to the point I felt I was planted firmly in my chair. Nothing incredibly sedative but I didn’t have a ton of ambition to do anything but zone out while relaxing. Great evening option for me.