Lineage: Han Solo Burgess x GMO
Method Smoked : Joint

The appearance of this strain wasn’t bad at all, there was some extra leafs that should of been chopped off for being “craft grade”. But other then that it was good. I got a mix of sizes from medium-small. The light green base color with some buds having some dark purple spots throughout some buds. The trichomes weren’t caked on there like I’ve seen before with this strain but had a good amount on them. Little oranges hairs poking out threw the trichomes, leaving it looking bright 🌞

The smell wasn’t as strong as I wanted it to be, but still was good. Wasn’t a smack in the face smell or nothing but once you got the buds up to your face you can start smelling it. It’s a little mute for a “craft strain”. There is a few different smells you get from this strain. It starts off with a meaty/cheese smells then comes hints of the garlic from the gmo with hints on lemon smells. Wish more of the gmo came out of this strain.

The terps came and ravaged the smell, they were loud and proud. Lol but the terps still came threw like it was my first time smoking it. As you inhale you get a sweet meaty taste, yes that sounds weird but works very well, and as you exhale you get a creamy garlic taste with hints of funky cheese, only wish it had more of a garlic taste but that’s just me and my obsession with GMO flavors. 🤣 The burn was pretty clean, a little salt and pepper but had a beautiful ouuzing oil ring.

The high wasn’t super heavy hitter but it was a good one. It’s started by clearing anything you were worried about before smoking it leaving your mind and body relaxed and stress free. By the time I finished it I wanted to grab some snacks and relax and watch a movie. I wasn’t couch locked or anything but was very relaxed, if your not experienced Indica Dominant Hybrid probably be glued to the couch.