The buds were beautiful with light green backgrounds and deep green sugar leaves laying a foundation for the carpeted resin coverage. The trichomes stack enough to create a matted appearance; giving a good portion of the buds an almost white appearance that has the brunt orange pistils popping. The smell was a creamy and sweet nose with some musty earth following up.  As you broke down a nug I also picked up an almost cheesy funk to go along with the other scents.

The buds smoked well with a thick oil ring well below the ember. Thick yet smooth smoke that carried herbal and earthy flavors with mild gas notes on exhale. The buzz produced a general sense of relaxation that slowly crept up on both my mind and body. This progressed further to a weighted sensation in my legs making it challenging to coordinate one foot in front of the other. I had difficulty being motivated to do much post-smoke but didn’t find any overly strong sedative effects.