I had the chance to try this strain in the past, but round of flower had arrived with an improved nose and moisture level. Medium sized spherical shaped nugs with a near perfect trim with only well placed sugarleaves that added to the visual appeal. The buds themselves were once again heavily caked in milky trichomes which provided a beautiful contrast to the dark green and purple backgrounds. The vividly deep orange pistils accomplished the same A closer peek highlighted long milky stalks matted on top of one another with mainly cloudy but a good amount of clear and amber heads too. Love the smell of these buds with an overly nutty aroma followed by some sweet and creamy notes which was more pungent and enjoyable then my last experience with this strain.

This strain produced some thick and potent smoke with some nutty, earthy and herbal flavors that came through clearly on inhale and exhale. The joint also burned even and slow with a greasy oil ring and a salt and pepper ash that was whiter than not. This one was a creeper with effects that only seemed to pick up after about 10-15 minutes; which even had me thinking about smoking a bowl. They finally did start hitting with dominant physical effects felt as weightiness in the limbs and a buzzy sensation in the temples. Later sedative effects became an issue with heavy eyelids and lethargic energy levels. Not something I would consider smoking during the day unless it was to relax or prep for a mid-day nap.