Donkey Butter = Grease Monkey x Triple OG

by PacificBudBoys sourced from Pink Llama.

This is my first time trying out Donkey Butter. Upon opening the bag what I noticed about this strain is the sweet and gassy nose to it that stinks up the room. It’s similar to an El Jefe strain I had but is not quite as fruity… this was more on the gassy/pungent side. The buds were of dense, fat shaped sizes, and were sticky to the right extent making it easy to roll a joint with. When smoking it in a joint, the taste came thorough smoothly and sweet with white ash and an oil ring following though.

Towards the end of the joint you notice the smoke gets heavier and the sedative buzz hitting you even more. There is a light-headedness to the high at first, but then it creeps to your legs, and rest of your body. If you smoke more than you’re used to, then couchlock will occur.  It’s a great smoke for increasing appetite or to help pass time when you’re watching a movie or playing video games. Overall very happy to have the chance to smoke this!