Strain – Donkey Butter (Grease Monkey x Triple OG) by Enigms Extracts

Smell – to go along with the name  found this to be a very unique smell that I could pick up a few different notes of a piney diesel with a nutty and cream scent to it

Smoke – inhale was really smooth with a white ash and greasy oil ring that joined in. Taste was initially a woody nutty mix and the exhale flavor being creamy and pine combo

High – overall it was a relaxing high, more for the later day or evening roast. It had creeper qualities for sure, with the high turning up  more post blaze leaving you nice and chill. I also found that there was little to no burnout

Quality: Nugs on the smaller side but not lacking in trichomes by any means. Nice caked, squishy buds with amber pistils and of medium green coloring. Another great strain that has some unique terpenes and is another solid grip