Really nice looking herb at first sight!
Tight,rock solid,sticky,moist light lime and dark purple evenly distributed buds. This stuff is caked in white crystals and trichomes making it look amazing! Smell is pungent sweet spicy sour and diesel with some pine🌲 in the background. Very tasty herb! I’m getting in your face creamy sour with a doughy cake aftertaste thats sits long after smoking on the palate. High is nice and chill.Awake but relaxed,alert and euphoric/happy. Im just not actually watching the wife’s TV shows😵 but im laughing at the terrible jokes🥳. Smooth burn and resinous making it long lasting with a salt and pepper ash. Excellent herb overall got me feeling good after a long day and tasted really nice! I’d recommend this product for evening and night-time smoking!