Strain – Doctor P (Grand Daddy Purple x Durban Poison)

Smell – this is my second time having this strain, and I definitely can physically see and taste the additional improvements on this cut. The strong terpenes come seeping out of this stuff, having a pungent cherry aroma paired nicely with some sweet grapey earthiness

Smoke – moving smoothly from the fragrence over to the taste. The smoke sporting an deep cherry earthiness with grape flavoring on the inhale and shifting to a spicy, earthiness with a sharp cherry flavors still being present post exhale. The ash is a light grey in color, with a resin ring not being a stranger

High – this being a hybrid showing big numbers  on the indica side (80/20)  I found it to be decent for pain relief, focus stayed on point, and overall quite relaxing and a decently lengthened  stone. Brings on a state of euphoria, and leaves you with enough motivation to still stay somewhat eventful

Quality: posting a harder crispy shelled on the outside, with very minimal sponginess. Tightly wound buds with a sticky interior, every time I busted some off my fingers were left sticky in resin. The search for green notes begins, where spotted they are a nice emerald green, but the majority of the mass being a violet purple shading. Medium light brownish orange thin pistils covering a good portions  of the mass, and a generous amount of frosted white trichomes spread over the entire structure