Do-Si-Dos x Mac 1 (AAAA) from Order Weed Online


Visual: The light buds seemed to have a few different colours but they were hard to see behind all the frosty crystal. It had a nice structure with a good feel to it and it had patches of light orange hairs that blended into the buds. It was very dense.

Nose: The nose was very pungent! It had a fairly musky, cookie smell with a bit of a funky sweetness.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was very easy to grind and to cut up. It was not sticky at all, but it had a good moisture level.

Taste: The nose came out well in the flavour with lots of that musky sweet cookie taste.

Burn: It was a very nice smoke. It burnt well and the smoke was heavy.

Potency/Effects: This one wasn’t punchy, but it built up very well into a really good potency level for me. It was a all-around buzz that gave some energy and alertness in my brain and made me heavy in the body. You could do different things with this one like go on a hike or something creative or even just chill out with it. It was very versatile.