Strain – Do-Si-Dos (Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG)

Visual/Texture – this magnificent looking bud shares its real estate between an olive green, and a sharp purple shading. Bright thinner fire orange pistils, populating the majority of the formation, and completely iced out in a thick blanket of frosty snow white trichomes. Mostly spongy with a slight amount of crispness to the squeeze, while trying to grab back with its sticky resinous texture

Scent Рflowing with sweet terpenes that grab the immediate attention of your notrils. A smell that has a dessert like aroma, giving off a nice sweet doughy scent in combination  with pine undertones, and almost nutty hints carrying through with each sniff
Smoke – tossing up a lighter greyish ash with pepper flakes, while producing an oily resin ring. Luckily that taste carried over nicely while puffing on a joint, taking in the sweet dough tasting, with a piney, earthy, nut accents. Exhales then taking on a continued sweetened flavor, in addition to an added citrus, tasting of an earthy, pine

High – a hybrid (70/30) with indica dominating traits, engaging your senses initially with a uplifted spike of energy, and strong euphoria flowing in your head. You eventually feel your motivation drain, as your body gets a sense of relaxation wash all the way over it. While the high continues settling over you, your head becomes clouded over, side lining any issues, while being placed in a happy mood. No problem to smoke during the day time or early evening, and no issue completing any thing on the to-do list post roast