Do-Si-Dos (Private Reserve Collection) from Mailbox Marijuana

Visual: This one was very nice looking as well! There were some bright greens and dark greens and some dark purple leaves. There was lots of sparkly crystal and it looked a bit dank. It was very dense but I could still squish it. It had a good moisture level.

Nose: The nose was very piney and sweet with some gas to it.

Cut/Roll/Grind: I could feel the stickiness of it while cutting it. It was easy to bust up.

Taste: There was tons of flavour! There was lots of pine and gas and a spicy skunk to it.

Burn: The burn was great! It was nice and slow and steady.

Potency/Effects: Another amazing one! I got a big punch in my nose from this one and the potency built up fast and to a very good level for me. It had a great buzzy effect. I could definitely hang out on the couch with this Do-Si-Dos!

Overall score – 9.7/10