These beautiful pale green flowers are nicely caked in trichomes. Bud size is of small to medium sized buds with a slight spongeyness to the medium sized ones and the small ones being more semi dense. The cure is proper and the trim job is near perfect. A mouth watering sweet minty citrusy aroma admits from these lovely nugs.

Upon smoking in a joint the taste was of a minty cookie with citrusy notes. The smoke smooth with a bit of harshness, but still tasty. Burned near perfect staying light the whole time and having a slow burn. Ash was gray and the joint had a nice grease ringer going on.

This is a medium to high potency indica dominate hybrid. Immediately after smoking I felt a nice europhia with being cerebral for a short time. It did not take long for me to become spacey and very relaxed. I was left with a nice sedation, but not to the point where I was completely couch locked.