Do-Si-Dos from Happy Clouds

Visual: These were some very dense and compact looking nugs, similar to the Grease Monkey but more of a cone shape and tons of red hairs all over. From far away it didn’t look like there was much crystal but once you get close you could see that it had a good amount of crystal. It was extremely dense.

Nose: The nose was a bit light. It was mainly earthy. When I opened it up it was much more pungent. It had a funky nose to it that was a spicy, woody and nutty.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was very easy to grind. It just crumbled apart when I cut it but not in a dry way. It was a bit hard to get going in the grinder because it was so dense. The moisture level was really good.

Taste: The taste is a spicy woodiness.

Burn: It burnt great! It was a tiny bit salt and peppery but the burn was really good. It was nice and slow and steady.

Potency/Effects: The potency was good but not very punchy and it built up slowly. The effects were very relaxing. At first It was right in the middle of a heavy smoke and an uplifting smoke. It had a really good balance. It did eventually turn into a bit of a heavier buzz.

Overall score – 9.2/10