A healthy balance of bright greens and deep purples amongst long winding bright orange pistils; make this strain hard to look away from. Medium sized tapered nugs arrived with a nice cure; slightly brittle on the outside and with a semi-sticky interior. Smells caught my attention quickly with a complex blend of sweet fruit and funky gassy aromas.

Smoke was tasty with gas hitting my palette first followed by sweet doughy flavors on exhale. Burned nicely with a greasy ring 1/3 through a jay; with a white ash finish. Had my head in the clouds immediately after smoking with a heady, uplifting and happy vibe that had me giddy.  This balanced out when some moderate body load which made me feel much more comfortable just relaxing. Anytime of the day option; but would shine when you can just kick back and enjoy it without needing to do much.