Strain – Demon Breath

Visual/Texture – mixed between small to medium sized nugs, quite fresh, decent sponginess on the squeeze, and resin cladded inside and out. Sharing some sharp color throughout with bright lime, a rich emerald green, and eye snagging vibrant purple hues. Thinly drawn pistils of brownish orange coloring, and absolutely caked out in frosted milky white trichomes

Scent – fueled up by its straight up danky terpene infestation that is completely amplified and commandeers the attention of the vicinity. Reeking of a powerful skunky gas, with a musky earthiness faintly tied in, the smell alone will keep you coming back to take whiffs out of the jar

Smoke – light grey ash flaking off the end, with an oil ring fully intact behind it. A taste completely familiar to the nose, inhaling the gassy skunkiness, with mild earthiness on each pull, and the exhale moving over to a spicy cedar flavor

High – Demon Breath is a hybrid with indica dominance, and the effects don’t hesitate on taking hold. Hitting your eyes hard right off the bat, relaxation starting to set over your body, as your levels of euphoria increase. Shortly after turning into a full on body stone with no traces of any pre-existing pain. Motivation only hanging around briefly before it completely fades away. Great strain to twist up for the end of a work day, or getting nice and toasted in the evening