Strain – Delinquent OG (Flow x OG18)

Visual/Texture – a variation of sizes ranging from smaller to medium, and all equally pleasant looking with their spade shaping, on top of the beautiful coloring being showcased. Crisp feeling exterior, slight sponginess when squeezed, having its fresh, stickiness trapped within the insides. Boasting an absolute vibrant purple that easily carries the majority of the buds shading, with some darker forest green undertones peeking though in portions of the structures. Fire orange pistils burning brightly from within the formations, and a beaming iced out, thick layer of milky white trichomes

Scent – terpenes as exotic looking as the appearance of the herb itself, the initial scent coming on quite noteable, but really showing it’s true potential once busted up. Smelling of sweet skunkiness, gassy pine accents, with earthy notes faintly in the background

Smoke – the taste on the smoke coming through nearly identical to its scent, inhaling the sweet skunky flavor, tagging along side the piney, diesel profiles. Once releasing it moves into a flavoring mostly dominated by its earthiness, with a sweet cedar. Ash coming off as a lighter grey with peppering, and an oil ring developing fairly quickly

High – Delinquent OG has a high that strikes just as you’re cashing out. Heightening your euphoric senses, delivering you into a blissful mood, while initially giving you a sense of motivation. Soon enough losing both focus, as well as drive you give in to the eventual relaxation that completely settles over you. Could roast this stuff day or evening no problem at all