Strain –  Death Tuna (Tuna Kush x Death Tuna)

Smell – initially opening the mylar bag up the nose wasn’t overly loud, as soon as it was busted up the terpenes exploded off this strain. I found it to be a good mash up of the parents lineage coming off this strain. A pungent gassy skunkiness with an earthy tuna scent lingering upwards

Smoke – great transition of smell to taste while smoking, consisting of skunky diesel initial flavor, and moving to an earthy dankness with a slight tuna aftertaste. It burned long and clean with every inhale/exhale being deep and smooth. Ash was on the lighter grey salt and pepper side, with a resin ring that jumped on board within the first couple hauls

High – heavy hitting potent stuff, leaving you relaxed and problem free. Heavy eyes and a good euphoria are some solid attributes that this carries. It also seems to induce the munchies about an hour after post sesh. More of a free day blaze or an evening time toke

Quality: the bud structures were of decently formed and contained some nice fox tails. Emerald green with some forest green undertones, bright thin copper pistils sprouting all directions, and a nice trichome dusting. The nuggets sporting a crispy outside and a fresh spongy feeling interior. Great product and a perfect blend of 2 heavy hitting strains