Death Tuna from BC Medi Chronic

Visual: This Death Tuna had that classic skunk look to it. It was a little bit leafy with small compact sugary crystals and patches of red hairs all over. Once I opened it up the crystals were quite big. It was a bit dense, the moisture level was great and it was a bit squishy because of how sticky it was.

Nose: This one was very pungent as well! The nose was super skunky sweet and gassy.

Cut/Roll/Grind: The stickiness of it made it a bit harder to grind and to cut because it squished it up a bit. It squished up a bit and compacted it when I cut it with scissors.

Taste: The flavour was very hard hitting with the skunk and the gas.

Burn: The burn was very good.

Potency/Effects: This Death Tuna hits great! I could really feel it hit me in my nose hard and it built up fast. the potency level was great for me. The effects were very happy and positive, and it had me very buzzed out. It was a heavy sedating effect and a heavy body buzz. I really enjoyed it!

Overall score – 9.5/10