Death Mint Cookies x Chocolate Vanilla Lover (Cookies Grower)

90% Indica Dominant Hybrid

Nose: The nose was amazing! I got the Chocolate/Vanilla smell at first and when I got closer to it I got a lot of the Death Mint Cookies. I loved the sweetness and funkiness of it. It was very rich and pungent. I could of kept on smelling it to try and get all the different smells from it.

Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was awesome, and it was super sticky.

Taste: I got lots of flavour from it. I don’t think it was as pungent as the smell, but it was still awesome. I got lots of pine and herbal mintyness and some woodiness from it.

Burn: The burn was awesome. The ash was light and clingy, it gave lots of smoke and it had a greasy ring.

Potency/Effects: It was a little punchy, and the effects just kept building up to a very high potency level for me! The effects were heavy and sedative, The kind that takes you out and puts you on the couch. I loved coming back to this one to sesh on it! It would be great for evening and nighttime. I Loved it!