Strain – Death Mint Cookies (Death Star x Girl Scout Cookies)

Visual/Texture – having first tried the notorious DMC over a year ago, it was a long overdue return to this HGA staple strain. Mossy green, with some emerald, and rich purple colored undertones. Rusted copper thin pistils poking out throughout, and coated in a thick jacket of frosted crystal trichomes. Fresh buds with a spongy texture, decent squeeze, and will leave your fingers quite sticky in resinous glue

Scent – every time this strain gets the opportunity to breath, you’re hit by an aroma that is both loud and delicious, this stuff holding some potent terpenes. The smells coming off are a perfect mashing of skunky diesel, a sweet vanilla, and a nutty dough like scent

Smoke – clean consitent burning, and smooth through its entire burn, giving off a light greyish white ash, and sprouting a ring of oil almost right away. A perfect reflection on the nose to the flavor, taking on each inhale of sweet doughy vanilla paired up with a gassy skunkiness. Exhaling out each hoot tasting of a nutty earthiness, with the mint coming on nice and subtle

High – known as a hybrid, unsure of the ratio, but there’s definitely more indica than sativa by the effects. Without much hesitation the high begins taking hold quickly into the burn, starting behind the eyes, all while elevating levels of euphoria, and creating a cerebral mind set. Not only will you be shuffled to a happier mood, your creative juices start flowing, and settling your body to a numbing relaxation. Motivation existing, but more difficult to muster up post sesh. Great to twist up for daytime, or evening