Death Mint from AC Medical

Visual: This Death Mint looked nice and greasy. There was lots of nice sparkly crystal over this forest green nug. There were small patches of brown hairs all over and there were some dark green/black leaves. It had a nice structure and it was pretty dense with a bit of a squish.

Nose: The nose was very skunky and gassy with some sweet and sour herbal smell to it. It was very pungent!

Cut/Roll/Grind: It held back a bit in the grinder because of the stickiness. It had a really nice moisture level and it felt fresh.

Taste: It was very gassy and skunky! I got some of that sweet and sour herbal as well. Big flavor!

Burn: It burnt great! Nice and slow and steady and lots of smoke.

Potency/Effects: I really enjoyed this Death Mint! Great flavour profile and great potency! It hit me in my nose pretty hard and the effects built up quick. It was a heavy hitter for me and It really slowed and weighed me down. Good for night time sessions.

Overall score – 9.7/10