Strain – Death Fuel V2 (Death Star OG x Jet Fuel)

Vistual/Texture – alongated conical shaped bud of medium and smaller sizes, wearing a fine mossy green shading, with dark forest sugar leaves hugging the structure, and popping off some sharp violet hues. Crisp, yet sticky nugs with semi decent sponginess, and a fresh resin lined interior. Light brown thin pistils spread through out, and coated with a thick spread of milky white trichomes

Scent – brandishing some fairly powerful terpenes that don’t hold back right off the first emergence. Emitting a putrid stank of strong gassy diesel fuel, while carrying scents of sweetened pine skunkiness, not quite as pronounced but definitely intact

Smoke – when it comes to the smoke, that deep gas aroma does not fade at all, and comes out with that equivalent pungent taste. On every inhale, it contains the gaseous diesel fuel with hints of skunky pine flavor. Exhales transitioning to a sweet wooden, earthiness. A light greyish ash with peppering being produced, and a resin build that surfaced after a handful of pulls

High – Death Fuel V2 is an indica powered hybrid (80/20) that begins showcasing its effects with a stone that starts to take hold before you’re even finished the joint. An approach first being met behind your eyes, while raising your euphoric levels, and delivering an almost instant mood enhancing high. Also producing an initial boost of uplifted energy, which doesn’t take long before coming to a screeching halt, and transfers to the body before a full fledge relaxation consumes you. Not the best choice if productivity necessary, otherwise a great option for later day or evening use