Having a heavy coating of trichomes making it appear a beautiful milky light green with purple hueing. When the buds are busted open there is a lot of gorgeous purple throughout. Manicured decently well only having a bit of leafage, while the cure is on point being pretty well perfect. Buds have a rock hard like density. Has a succelent aroma of sweet cookie with earthy notes.


Upon smoking I was hit with a sweet and sour cookie taste. The smoke was insanely smooth and subtle. Burned expectionally well in a joint being even slow and continuous the whole through. The ash was salt n pepper and there was a nice grease ringer on the joint.


This is a high potency indica dominate hybrid. I was immediatley left with a nice europhia and pain relief. I was left in a thoughtful and reflective state of mind. I also felt positive and more willing to do stuff. I felt sedated and relaxed but not to the point where I couldn’t do anything.