Strain- Death Bubba (Death Star x Bubba Kush)

Smell – this one came in a jar, and for good reason. As soon as I busted the lid off of this, it sported an extra danky musky kush smell with subtle pine and lemon hints also mixing in each time you crack it and are blasted by the scent

Smoke – the ash was a medium grey, and greased right up and continued to get more resinous as you puffed away. It was a really robust with thick smoke, making smaller tokes a better choice. On the inhale the taste being more of a deep skunky, really earthy kush, and the exhale keeping the pungent skunky earthiness flavors intact

High – it supplies a fairly heavy bake with its indica dominance (70/30) leaving this to be more of an evening blaze, or daytime with little to nothing mapped out. Quite sedative, killing motivation in its path, easing you into a state of euphoria, and eliminating any thoughts with a clouded head. Burnout eventually taking effect, and is unavoidable

Quality: the bag was made up if smaller sized nugs that had a slight spongy squish to them, crispy shelled, and an equally crisp interior that was equally as resin infested. Medium emerald green bud coloring, showcasing some purple hues peeking through from the undertones, sugar leaves intact, copper pistils extending in all directions, and draped with a blanket of crystal trichomes layered over top. Death Bubba is a strain that is always going to be a reliable go-to for getting cooked