Strain – Death Bubba (Death Star x Bubba Kush)

Smell – tearing into this mylar bag I instantly got a musky kush smell with subtle pine and lemon hints also mixing in each time you stick your nose in

Smoke – it was a little harsh while exhaling but the taste was more of a sweet earthy kush flavoring with citrus on both inhale and and exhale being more on the spicey side. Salt and pepper ash of a medium grey, and no doubt a greasy oil ring jumping the gate

High – fairly heavy bake with its indica dominance, leaving this to be more of an evening blaze, or daytime with little to nothing mapped out. Quite relaxing, and for sure a motivation killer

Quality: Buds were medium in size and quite dense with a slight squeeze to them. Medium green colored buds, orangish brown pistils, and a little layering of triches to top the nugs off. Gets you fairly baked for not a bad tag