Dominant Hybrid – (AAAA)

Visual: It is a mix of medium green and a bright green colour around the bottom and the middle of the buds with it getting darker closer to the tips. There was a good amount of crystal and it was very fresh. It had a bit of a lose structure and it had a bit of a squish to it.

Nose: I was a gassy nose with a bit of a kush and pine scents coming from it as well.

Roll: It squished a bit when I was cutting it but overall it was easy to cut and roll.

Taste: It had quite the punchy taste! Initially it was a piney, kushy flavour and then a gassiness and a skunkiness came out.

Burn: It burnt great and there was a nice white ash.

Potency/Effects: It had a very good potency level. There was a nice punch in the nose at first and it built up well. It really starts in the head with an uplifting and happy feeling. The buzzy feeling then starts to work its way down the body which really chilled me out. Good for evening and nighttime use.

Overall score – 9.1/10