Death Bubba (AAA+) from Chronic Farms

Cross: Death Star x Bubba Kush

Visual: They were medium sized buds that were light green to forest green and had lots of tight compact crystal and lots of brown hairs all over. It looked like a typical Death Bubba and it was very dense.

Nose: The nose was gassy and skunky with a bit of funk to it.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It busted up easily and it was easy to cut with scissors. The moisture level was great and it was a bit sticky.

Taste: The taste was gassy, piney and skunky with some spicy woodiness.

Burn: The burn was ok. It gave lots of smoke but it was the tiniest bit harsh.

Potency/Effects: I got a bit of a hit in my nose which I usually do with a death bubba. It was very relaxing and gave me that weighed down effect. It is good for nighttime toking and hanging out on the couch with its sedative qualities. Always enjoyable!