Strain – Death Bubba (Death Star x Bubba Kush)

Smell – this one came in a jar, and for good reason. As soon as I busted the lid off of this, it sported an extra danky musky kush smell with subtle pine and lemon hints also mixing in each time you crack it and are blasted by the scent

Smoke – while exhaling it was robust with the taste being more of a sweet earthy kush taste with citrus on both inhale and and exhale being more on the spicey side. Salt and pepper ash of a medium grey, and no doubt a greasy oil ring jumping the gate and grew as the joint burned on

High – fairly heavy bake with its indica dominance, leaving this to be more of an evening blaze, or daytime with little to nothing mapped out. Quite sedative, kills motivation, and leaves you feeling ready to just chill

Quality: smaller buds with one medium sized, being quite dense with a slight spongy squish to them. Medium emerald green bud coloring, copper pistils twanging off all directions, and a little blanket of trichomes laying over top. Decent heavy high, always a reliable strain for getting toasted