DEATH BUBBA (Death star x Bubba Kush

This herb looks beautiful and dank🔥!! Super impressive visually, Nice lime color with veins of purple deep in the bud and little patches of orange hairs all over! Absolutely coated in crystal and trichomes🥳! Looks like i gave the bud a sprix of water. Very tight buds and so well manicured and cured! Smell is very dank and deep gassy skunk⛽🦨 smell completely translates into the taste with some kushyness coming through. Gassy taste intensifies as you get through the joint but alot of kush flavor sticking around and stay on you palate long after smoking. I got super stoned off of a 1g joint, completely couch locking high ,I could definitely take a nap! Overall I’m really impressed with this herb. Would absolutely keep my eyes out for this strain and recommend to anyone looking for gas, Wants to go to sleep or super relaxed.